Laser Tattoo Removal

The RevLite® Laser safely removes all colors of tattoo inks with unparalelled speed and comfort

Tattoo Removal in Asheville, NC

The most advanced laser available

Laser tattoo removal technology has improved dramatically, and it is now possible to safely remove all colors of "permanent" tattoo ink from the skin. Belle Mia is proud to offer the most advanced laser for tattoo removal in Asheville, called RevLite®.

The RevLite® Laser

Before the RevLite laser was introduced, tattoo removal lasers utilized two wavelengths to target tattoo inks, and were most effective in treating dark and red inks. The RevLite Laser features four wavelengths and can effectively target a wide range of colors including blue, black and red, orange and purple, and even difficult to treat green and sky blue. The technology behind the RevLite laser comes in the form of Q-switched Nd:YAG with Photo Acoustic Technology which safely penetrates the skin, and targets each tattoo ink color with carefully calibrated wavelengths.

Photo courtesy of R. Rox Anderson, MD, Suzanne Kilmer, MD

Laser Tattoo Removal - What To Expect

The RevLite laser safely and effectively removes tattoos like no other laser available today. Short pulses of light feel like the quick sting of a small rubber band, followed by a gentle warming feeling. After the very first treatment, you'll notice a slight whitening appearance. The light energy shatters your tattoo ink into microparticles which are removed through the lymphatic system, and your skin returns to its natural color. Tattoo treatment ranges from 5 to 15 sessions.