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IPL Photofacials & Photorejuvenation in Asheville

Effective Treatment Stubborn Signs of Aging and Pigmented Lesions

IPL treatment improves the appearance of photoaged skin, removes age spots (sun induced freckles), most benign brown pigments, and redness caused by broken capillaries through a process call photorejuvenation for face and body. The process is ideal for patients with active lifestyles because the procedure requires no downtime and has a low risk of side effects. The gentle, non-ablative treatments use broad spectrum light to treat the face, chest, neck and hands – virtually anywhere that sun damage appears.

IPL treatments are quick, gentle and non-invasive and patients can see dramatic results within a very short time.

Asheville Laser Treatment For Pigmented Lesions

Dark spots on the skin are often perceived as a sign of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Freckles may have been cute as a young child, but now these melanin deposits look more like a side effect of too many days lounging in the sun. Freckles, sun spots, liver spots – whatever you call them, they’re technically known as “pigmented lesions” and they form when melanin concentrates in one area of the skin, usually as a result of overexposure to UV rays.

What to Expect

The laser emits light in rapid, short pulses at high peak energy for maximum efficacy and comfort. The impact feels like no more that the snap of a thin rubber band. As the light shatters the pigment and diffuses the lesion, the spot will turn gray or white for a few minutes as the skin absorbs the energy. Any post-treatment discomfort will be similar to a mild sunburn, and any redness will dissipate within a day or two as the skin returns to its natural color.

How Many Treatments are Required?

Typically several sessions are required. The average treatment takes about 15 – 20 minutes. Results may be seen after the first few treatments. The treatment will be performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of typical anesthetics or gel.

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