Laser Hair Removal

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The many outdoor activities in Asheville, North Carolina have made laser hair removal an extremely popular procedure. Laser hair removal frees women and men from the hassle of shaving, tweezing and/or painful electrolysis. There may be some hair that is resistant to permanent laser hair treatment and can grow back, but the new hair after laser hair treatment will be much softer and finely-textured, more like fine baby hair.

Today, laser hair removal is the most effective method of long-term hair reduction. Treatments can be performed on most parts of the body except around the eyes. Because of the popularity of permanent hair removal, be sure to choose an experienced provider for your laser hair treatment in Asheville. Some inexperienced treatment providers may feel more comfortable setting the light pulse too low, which is safe but less effective and requires more treatment sessions than would have been required at the optimal setting.

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Laser Hair Removal
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How does laser hair removal work?

During your laser hair removal treatment, the laser hand piece will be moved over your skin covered with aloe gel. Your highly trained and experienced treatment provider will pulse the laser constantly, which sends a focused beam of light through the skin directly to the hair follicles. The laser light is absorbed in the hair follicles and converted to heat, which damages or weakens them without harming any of the surrounding tissue. Achieving optimal results in the least amount of treatments depends not only on the experience and technical knowledge of your treatment provider, but also on the technology within the laser itself. A laser that was the best 10 years ago, can now be only 1/4 the strength of the latest technology.

Will laser hair treatment work for me?

At Belle Mia, we have performed laser hair removal for hundreds of patients with various skin tones and hair colors. Since our hair removal laser is the most advanced available, we can effectively treat all types of hair and treatments are safe for people with darker skin pigmentation. If you’ve been told in the past that you were not an ideal candidate for laser hair removal in Asheville, call us and schedule a consultation!

Is laser hair removal painful?

Your laser treatment will feel like the gentle snapping of a small rubber band, followed by a warming sensation. We take great care to ensure your laser hair treatment is comfortable, and have even had patients in Asheville who were treating large areas fall asleep during their treatment. Following your treatment, you will feel a sunburn-like sensation which will persist for 2 – 12 hours. During that time you may choose to apply ice or cold gel to the treated areas, though many of our patients determine this is not necessary.