VI Peel – What You Should Know

VI Peel – What You Should Know

Asheville Chemical Peel Experts

We all know chemical peels can be a little intimidating, especially with all the horror stories you hear. In our case it’s the exact opposite. We love a good chemical peel. Especially the baby soft skin that comes with it, and who wouldn’t want that? Trick question… I know everyone does! No fine lines or dark spots? SIGN US UP!

Now we know chemical peels can be a little scary, but when done correctly they are super beneficial! Chemical peels only get a bad reputation from being preformed incorrectly. In actuality there’s nothing to be scared of but always make sure the technician preforming your peel is certified to do so.

What exactly is a VI Peel?

Unlike the majority of chemical peels a VI Peel is safe for all skin types and ethnicities. The VI Peel contains multiple strong and effective acids. Some of those acids include retinoic acid which is the key ingredient of the commonly known Retin A, and TCA also known as trichloracetic acid. These acids are used in combination to dehydrate and remove the surface layers of the epidermis. By dehydrating the surface layers this strips the oils from the skin which then causes the “peeling effect”.

I know your probably wondering by now, how long does this VI Peel take?

So the process is pretty simple. VI peel does have a few days of downtime due to the strength of the peel. I know you’re thinking.. down time? This just means that due to the nature of this peel you may have a few days of mild redness and irritation. This is a no pain, all kinds of gain peel! Most patients that have received a VI Peel would compare it to a mild sun burn kind of sensation.

Ok..ok.. Let’s talk about the actual chemical peel process!

From the time the peel solution is applied to the face you may notice a slight tingling and even some redness for the next 36 hours. When you choose a VI Peel you are sent home with a few extra steps. Don’t worry, it’s very easy and our staff takes extra time to go over the steps with you before you leave to go home.

After the first few days you may notice the top layer of skin starting to shed. This typically starts around the corners or the mouth and nose. Throughout the day you may notice the dead skin starting to sloth off in other areas such as the forehead and chin. It is very important to not peel the skin off. This could cause serious issues such as hypo or hyperpigmentation or even scarring in the area, which could create more issues in the long run. By the end that baby soft skin is glowing and the whole process is totally worth it.

Here at Belle Mia the VI Peel is definitely a fan favorite!

So.. what are you waiting for? The best skin of your life could be a VI Peel away!